Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Inspired by a new year, peer-pressured by my good friend John, I've reopened this blog space. Sadly, my perfectionism kept me from writing often in this blog. Will it be a concept blog? A media blog? A personal blog? What if my students stumbled upon this thing?

But then the words of Dr. Sara Kajder rang in my ears: she wants to see English teachers and graduate students with an online presence, even at the risk of offending someone, somewhere, somehow. (Her exact phrase was, "I'm much more concerned with finding nothing about you online than find photos of an overly ambitious Friday night.") Besides, how can I teach writing if I am not willing to put myself out there and explore ideas?

Thus Live a Question take two (three? or four, maybe?).

The goal is 500 words per week. My personal goal is to cover concepts--distilling what I believe to be important ideas into digestible bits--and provide media reviews and analysis. This latter goal will be supported by John and my second goal of reading 15 books this year.

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