Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Language and Thought

Does a specific language affect the way an individual perceives his world? Does reality determine the way language functions?

Language helps us learn novel categories, and it licenses our unusual ability to operate on an abstract plane, Dr. Lupyan said. The problem is that after a category has been learned, it can distort the memory of specific objects, getting between us and the rest of the nonabstract world.

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Unknown said...

Each community has its own language, and each community also has its own rules, interests, and normalitis.
It was proven in a study that when bilingual (speaking CHinese and English) people took a personality test twice (the same test, once in Chinese and once in English), their personalities changed.
WIth the CHinese test, the people answered more selflessly, thinking more of a whole than of their individual selves. WHen answering in ENglish, the opposite was true. Same people, different languages, diferent personalities.